As a digital marketer, if you still think you measure success by clicks like views, you’re definitely living in a fool’s paradise.

Research says that by 2025, 75 percent of companies will use artificial intelligence to run their operations.

That means you understand that nothing will happen with like comment views. That too will be automated.

The mistake most brands make when budgeting their digital marketing is not budgeting for post-promotion data analysis.

It is often seen that the budget of digital marketing is 20% of the original marketing budget, but it does not have 1-2% of the budget for analysis.

Your digital marketing results analysis needs 3 things:

  1. Use of the right tools: Some companies use them and some don’t. Sometimes a proper tool recommendation will yield better results than your research.
  2. Saving the results: Not only should the campaign be done, but the results should be analyzed and saved. Later, depending on their data, the campaign should be done again.
  3. Recruiting experts: Analyzing the results of the campaign and hiring the people who work on the basis of the results.

Do you think digital marketing results analysis tools are being done less in Bangladesh?

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