What Does Digital Marketer Do?

Digital Marketers are mainly responsible for driving a company’s brand awareness, lead generation, and conversion through all the digital channels-both free and paid- that are appropriate for the company. 

These channels include the company’s website, search engine, social media, email, PPC advertising, and the company blog. 

The digital marketer mainly focuses on a different key performance indicator of each channel to measure a company’s performance. For example, A digital marketer in charge of SEO measures their website’s organic traffic. In a small company, one person might be responsible for all digital marketing tasks. But In a large company, there might be several experts. 

Here below Some examples of Digital Marketing Job roles: 

SEO Manager

Main KPIs: Organic traffic from search engine

In short, SEO managers get the business to rank on Google. Using a variety of approaches to search engine optimization, this person might work directly with content creators to ensure the content they produce performs well on Google — even if the company also posts this content on social media.

In a nutshell, an SEO manager’s main target is to get his business to rank on google. After that, he has to work with the content creator to make it according to Google’s requirements even though it is used in different media. 

Content Marketing Specialist’s

main KPIs: SEO-based content, Overall blog traffic, YouTube Channel Subscriber.

Content marketing specialists play a vital role in digital content creation. They maintain the company’s content calendar and develop a content strategy, including video content. In addition, these professionals have to work with various departments to ensure that company’s products are services are promoted accurately through the content.

Social Media Manager

Main KPIs: Follows, Impressions, Shares

The key role of a social media manager is maintaining the company’s all social networks. They are responsible for all social media activities like the content post, scheduling, etc. Sometimes they have to work with a content marketing specialist for a content calendar.

Marketing automation coordinator:

 Main KPIs: Open Email, Click through, lead-generation (conversion) rate.

Marketing automation coordinators play a vital role in conversion. They identify and select automation software for social media and other platforms. For example, I use google analytics to track website data and create a report on which product demand is going higher. 

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